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for juice-slammer-deactivated201404  who a long time ago asked for Mikey and April doing some family-like bonding.

Well…this is what my brain coughed up and IT WOULDN’T LET GO. I’m so sorry juice-slammer that this took so long! Some of the poses were really hard to figure out. XD

This is, of course, with all due respect and homage to the fabulous Mr. Bill Waterson. Calvin and Hobbes was such a formative part of my life, you can’t even imagine. XD

Sorry, I’m not good with continuity apparently. Mikey and April’s heights keep changing, and so does her face..>_<

All hail Pigeon Lord.

All hail Pigeon Lord.

uh oh&#8230;looks like that duck got into some mutagen&#8230;

uh oh…looks like that duck got into some mutagen…





Let’s Go Buy A Turtle by 961


Splinter is such a great father ;3;

Papa Splinter!

for a minute I thought that comic was actually official !!!!!!!


When someone tells you to go to bed cause it’s super late~


This is more accurate than I’d like to admit…XD

In which Metalhead, despite being only a head now, is still barely alive after what happened after "Metalhead Rewired" (no one knows that fact) but is slowly dying so he uses the last of his fading power to tell Donatello his last words via text message :3



June, 5th


“What the-” Donnie asked as he looked down at the strange message on his phone. It was all in binary, but it was nonsense. He scanned the message again, translating it into English in his head, but it just translated into gibberish. If someone was trying to send him a message, then the message must have been corrupted somehow, because it didn’t say anything coherent. His brain quickly ran through all the ciphers he knew, but still, nothing.

It was past three in the morning, but Donnie couldn’t go to bed knowing the mystery of the text would be in the back of his mind. Donnie used his computer to track the source of the text, but to his confusion, he found that the text had come from his own computer. Had someone hacked into his system?

His system?

No, that was impossible. His computer had the best security on the planet; he should know, he built it himself.

Had it been one if his brothers pulling a prank? Donnie dismissed that idea immediately. There was no way any of them were tech-savvy enough to pull something like this off. 

June 6th


Donnie stared at the new texts in confusion. This time, the strange text was in English, but the source looked to be the same. He used his computer to track the texts, and sure enough, they originated from Donnie’s computer again. Confused, Donatello sent a message back.


There was no reply.

June 8th


Donatello stared at the message for a long while; a feeling of dread began to consume his chest.

It… it couldn’t be….

Could it?


Once again, there was no reply.

Hesitantly, Donatello looked over to where he kept the last piece of Metalhead that survived. It was as lifeless as the day it was blasted back through there portal. All Metalhead’s systems were damaged, his AI was destroyed. There was no way…

And yet…

Donatello looked back at his phone. Maybe he could do a little more investigation. 

June 10th

Donatello ran a full diagnostic on the remaining pieces of Metalheads system. If there was a signal he was using to communicate through Donnie’s computer and into his phone, it was too weak or scrambled for Donatello to find it.

This time, Donatello decided to try something different. He would text Metalhead first. 





Donatello clenched the phone tight in his trembling hands.

He had Metalhead back for just a few short seconds. He should have done something more. He should have figured out where the robot’s memories were being stored. He should have told Metalhead how much good he had done. He should have done something.

Donatello’s brain told him Metalhead’s last communication was nothing more than a ghost; the last of the robot’s programming telling him to report back to his creator. The AI chip had been destroyed. There was no way Metalhead could continue to think for himself.

Donatello closed his eyes, pushing back the tears that threatened to fall.

But no matter how tightly Dontallo closed his eyes, he could still see the last of Metalhead’s message. It was written in binary, but this time, the message was clear.

01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01110011 01100011 01100001 01110010 01100101 01100100

I’m scared.

No!! DD: Who gave you the right to do this! This is not ok! T_T 

I love this…





Hi there! I love your blog and I especially love your art! As a huge TMNT fan, I love how you draw them in your style and I just want to tell you to keep up the good work! I know school/work/relationships can get hard sometimes and life likes to hurt people for some reason. But I know you can do it! So keep on being you and never give up hope! Just wanted to spread some encouragement to one of my favorite artists! XOXOXO


This was really sweet and unexpected!  Thanks for making my day Nice Anon! :)

Continue being awesome yourself! <3

Highlight of the weekend :)

Today I got to finally meet in person Fantasiawandering! She is as awesome and lovely (and geeky) as advertised! :)


Donnie are you okay

No he&#8217;s not OK. Look at the box! How many times do you think his arm has been yanked today?



Donnie are you okay

No he’s not OK. Look at the box! How many times do you think his arm has been yanked today?